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Strychnin Gallery: Elevation

Elevation bottles trio

ELEVATION is a clear, pure bitter with 25% alcohol and has a distinctive flavour, because of Thujon. This provides a unique experience, one you must be willing to dare.

Thujon is a natural plant extract that delivers a light hallucinating effect. The most renowned plant is ‘Artemisia Absinthium’, Wormwood. The bitter residu of the buds form the major ingredient of absinth: the mystical drink of the artists and artisans of the dawn of the last century. They called her ‘The Green Fairy’. Once on your table, she proved to be an irrisistible muse…

Elevation is the result of thorough research by scientists and masters of taste design. They uncovered the hidden power of Thujon by taking away the bitter sensation. What comes to life is Elevation: a flavour full of finesse, for those who know how to appreciate finesse.

Strychnin Gallery and Elevation have collaborated to create 3 limited edition bottles. Each comes is a presentation tube, with specially created artwork by artists Chet Zar, Mimi S, and Natalie Shau. As each is limited to 100 pieces the bottle is a fine addition to the collection of either an art collector, or absinthe afficionado. There are plans to expand the range of limited edition bottles, featuring other artists working with Strychnin Gallery.

Chet Zar - Elevation

American artist Chet Zar has combined his interest in horror films and art, culminating in a career as a special effects make-up artist, designer and sculptor for the motion picture industry in Hollywood. He has designed and created creatures and make-up effects for such films as “The Ring” or “Hellboy” among others. His oil paintings are darkly surreal and often darkly humorous.

Mimi S - Elevation

Mimi S. was born in Berlin in 1974. In her digital paintings, she mostly draws girls with a special attitude and allure, an obstinate personality and a strange beauty. The defiant and moody expression on their faces often reminds her of female members or ancestors of her own family. Although she loves to tell emotional stories of the dark side of female nature, it always has to be accompanied by a portion of evil humour and sarcasm, which is mostly hidden in the detail

Natalie Shau - Elevation

Natalie Shau is a 23 years old artist based in Vilnius (Lithuania). She mainly works in digital media and her pieces are a mix between photo manipulation, 3D elements and digital painting/drawing. She enjoys creating surreal and strange creatures, both fragile and powerful at the same time. Her style has been deeply influenced by religious imagery, fairytale illustrations and many classical and modern painters.

Visit the Elevation website here for more information on the products. The limited edition bottles can be ordered from the Elevation webshop here, or purchased at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin and all Strychnin events. We will be bringing a small number to KunStart 09 in Bolzano, so Italian fans have a chance to pick one up there!

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