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On the Road…

David Hochbaum - Upon Returning

“Upon Returning” – David Hochbaum

Tomorrow Strychnin Gallery is hitting the road and heading to Bolzano for KunStart 09. Hopefully we will have internet access at the fair, so can keep the blog updated with images and info from the fair. If not, we will keep an “off-line” blog that we can upload once we get back to Berlin. The “Growning Paintz” live installation promises to be a great piece of live art, and we would love to bring you work-in-progress pictures as they happen!

Mimi S. - Huohu

“Houhu” – Mimi S.

Artists Raf Veulemans, Miraschi, and Mimi S. will be on hand to talk about the pieces which are showing there, and about their working process, which is always a highlight for visitors to any art fair and KunStart 09 should be no different. If you are making the trip to Bolzano for KunStart 09, please don’t be afraid to say “hello” or ask any questions – everyone here at Strychnin Gallery is happy to answer questions, or just have a chat.

Guillermo Rigattieri - Speed Machine“Speed Machine” – Guillermo Rigattieri

We also have a new beautiful new doll, “Aphrodite”, by Marina Bychkova. The porcelain is tattooed with a pin before firing, and pigment rubbed into the grooves after firing, resulting in a truly unique look. Add to that the halo featuring Swarowsky crystals, Rhine stones, fresh water pearls and sterling silver, and it is a truly beautiful piece

Marina Bychkova - Aphrodite

“Aphrodite” – Marina Bychkova

For anyone in Berlin, the gallery will still be open, so drop in and take a look at the Chris Von Steiner / Mkan show “Bright Lights – Dark Shadows” – it’s well worth the visit! Don’t forget to check out the Vault, and Francois Escalmel’s beautiful work while you’re there…


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