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KunStart ’09 Round-up: Part 1


Building Up the Show

After around 11 hours driving, some of it through the Alps, we arrived at our pensione just outside Bolzano. As it was dark, we weren’t able to appreciate the amazing scenery in the area – it is truly spectacular, and you never seem to get tired of looking at the view.


There is an Oriental proverb: “He who leads the donkey to the top of the minaret will have to bring it down” This was certainly true of getting the van back onto the main road from the pensione! Luckily the vineyard next door has a service area that they kindly let us use for the rest of the stay, to avoid more stress for everyone concerned.

We got to the messe as early as possible on Wednesday, ready to start unpacking the artwork and building up the booth. This always takes longer than you would expect (or hope) due to getting used to the venue and handling the fragile artwork.


The booth was more than we expected, with plenty of space for the “Growing Paintz” installation. As we were laying out the artwork, checking the lighting for the pieces, and unloading the promo material and tools, the organisers of KunStart came to us with an offer we simply cound not refuse…

Due to unforseen circumstances, one of the other galleries would not be able to attend, leaving their booth, one of the biggest at KunStart, unfilled. If we wanted, Strychnin could take half of that booth! This would still give us more wall space than the original booth!

After checking it out, it was decided that the layout was perfect, both for the artwork we had brought, and the way we wanted to hang it. As anyone who has been to any of the Strychnin galleries will tell you, the character of the space is a integral part of how a show comes together, so a booth with 3 alcoves in which to display work was a dream come true.

The only question was where Christian Rothenhagen and ChrisiTee should work on “Growing Paintz” The organisers had a solution for that as well – keep the old booth, giving the whole 70m² to work on. Understandably, both artists were suprised, but excited to have such a large space and 4 days to fill it.

After moving to the new booth, right in the middle of the fair, wee began to get everything prepared to hang. Displaying such amazing artwork in a new setting is always a challenge, so we were thankful for the fresh eyes of Christian, ChrisiTee and Mimi S, and the experience and help of Raf Veulemans & Miraschi. Everyone offered some good insights as to what was working, and what might be better – THANKS GUYS!

The smallest of the alcoves was an automatic choice for Daniel Van Nes’ work – with a few adjustments (which took longer than expected!) the light could be blocked out, and the illuminated engravings would have the perfect environment.

The other areas took a bit longer to work out, but as you’ll see in the next post everything worked out really well!



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