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KunStart ’09 Roundup: Part 2


The Fair

Everything was ready and hanging, so we were able to head back to the pensione for a quick bite to eat and to get changed for the opening of KunStart 09!

The entrance to the messe is one floor higher than the exhibition area, with balconies allowing you to get an over-view of all the booths at KunStart, and especially the Growing Paintz booth. After going down the escalator, visitors have to run the gauntlet of the various publications with stalls here – anyone with a love of art books would be heaven (or hell!). These include Strychnin Gallery’s good friends DROME magazine, who we first met after inviting them to Fusion 5 Festival in Cannes last year.

Every visitor to the fair is given a “€ 5000” note to spend in the Sold Out art raffle – each gallery is invited to enter one piece into the contest, which is then eligible to be won by one of the visitors eho has submitted their choice. The piece is then given to the winner, and the gallery recieves the full worth of the piece from the contest sponsor. Strychnin Gallery entered “Three” by David Hochbaum into the Sold Out contest. “

David Hochbaum - Three

Strychnin’s booth is directly on the right once you enter the exhibition hall, with artwork by David Hochbaum, Ansgar Noeth, Aaron Board, Davey Jones, Guillermo Rigattieri, Lisa Mei Ling Fong, and Ver Mar all on view straight away. On the other sides are artworks by Stuart Semple, Mimi S, Raf Veulemans and Madeline Von Foerster. Inside the booth, the entrance walls are hung with artwork from Miraschi, Ansgar Noeth, Jason Shawn Alexander, Michael Page, and Squp. In the largest alcove we attempted to recreate the feeling of Strychnin’s permanent collection, with artwork hung according to colour range, theme, or narrative.

In this area some of the highlights are the large interactive piece from Wee Flowers that premiered at Art21 last year, three beautiful new assembleage works by Marcus Poston which feature small illuminated dioramas that can be seen through tiny windows, and the new doll “Aphrodite” by Marina Bychkova.

KunStart Booth

Another event at KunStart 09 is “The Glocal Rookie of the Year” competition. Currated and organised by the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation of Bolzano, in collaboration with KunStart, is an award given to young artists who the the jury feel are able to portray new content and styles with a global outlook, while still keeping a local approach and attitude to their art. “The idea is to show that art especially can help younger generations to understand the zeitgeist and live it without inhibitions, whether they live in New York or Bolzano” Strychnin Gallery entered “Invasive Species I” by Madeline Von Foerster for this award, as we felt her message about the threats to native species by more dominant, introduced plants and animals captured the spirit of the competition. Her mastery of the “Misch technique” using egg temepera and oil paint to produce works similar to Old Masters at such a young age was something we felt should be showcased in the contest.

Madeline Von Foerster - Invasive Species I

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