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Strychnin Gallery: Korn at Zitadelle Spandau

Yesterday, Strychnin was lucky enough to be guests at Korn’s only non-festival show in Germany at the Zitadelle in Spandau. Korn, Machine Head, Shinedown and Gallows all played amazing sets in a beautiful venue! A very big thankyou goes to Jonathan Davis for making us VIPs for the night.

Strychnin Gallery has a long relationship with Korn, and Jonathan in particular, after working together on the last album illustrated by Richard Kirk:


It’s always a pleasure to talk to Jonathan, as he is truly passionate about all forms of art, especially the kind shown at Strychnin Gallery. Elmer Presslee and Jonathan has a chat about his work, and the upcoming show “Midsummer Night’s Madness” before the band had to get back on the road and head to Prague for the next show.

Elmer & Jonathan

EDIT: After resolving some technical difficulties, we can now bring you a picture of Elmer Presslee backstage with Jonathan Davis!

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