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IZ THE WIZ – Rest in Peace

This entry was supposed to go online yesterday, but it turned out to be too hard to write without sounding forced or unfeeling. Writing about the passing of anyone, even someone who you only really knew through their artwork and the stories that their friends and contemporaries told, is tough.

iz the wiz

IZ THE WIZ, one of New York’s most prolific writers of all time, passed away on June 18th. He had suffered with poor health for a long time, but continued to produce artwork and take an active role in the graffiti scene. During his career, which started in 1972, IZ THE WIZ’s work must have been seen by millions of people across New York City and the world – on subway cars, walls, canvas, and as sketches on paper and subway maps. The world is a little less bright without him.


AREK and Yasha Young in front of IZ THE WIZ’s artwork at the opening of “Bombs Away!” in Berlin

Everyone at Strychnin Gallery is saddened the loss, and pass on our condolences to IZ’s family and friends.

“I’m sure I’ll come back every now and then, just to let people know I’m still around!!!”

IZ THE WIZ, All time All City King of New York City Subways

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