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Strychnin Gallery: Korn

KornAs mentioned in this post, Strychnin Gallery has a great relationship with the band Korn, and especially their frontman Jonathan Davis. During their “Escape From The Studio 2009” tour, a number of Strychnin Gallery artists (and staff) have been guests of the band – Elmer Presslee and the Strychnin team in Berlin, Annie Bertram at the Greenfields Festival in Switzerland, and Daniel Van Nes at the Sonisphere Festival in Holland.

Annie met with the band to take a set of promotional photos which may be used in conjunction with the new album. Jonathan and Annie share a connection through H.R. Giger – Annie has taken portraits of Giger and pictures of his work, and set parts of her “Wahre Märchen” series in the gardens of the H.R. Giger Museum in Gruyères, while Jonathan and Giger worked together to create a custom mic-stand which he uses at every Korn concert!


Annie Bertram & Jonathan Davis backstage at Greenfields

Jonathan and Daniel have met before, when Jonathan visited the “Salon Macabre” show at Strychnin Gallery New York during the promotional tour for their last album –  “Untitled”. Jonathan was captivated by Daniel’s work, especially his illuminated engravings, and was pleased to add the piece “Static” to his art collection!

Daniel Van Nes - Salon Macabre

Daniel Van Nes’ work in the “Salon Macabre” show

This time round, Daniel, Jonathan and the rest of Korn had chance to hang out backstage at the festival before they took the stage. Jonathan and Daniel enjoyed talking about each others work, their creative processes, performing live, and started to plan future work together (we can’t talk about anything yet, but watch this space!)


Daniel and Jonathan compare tattoos backstage at Sonisphere


Daniel’s view from the wings during Korn’s set!

Daniel tells us he had an amazing day, and saw awesome set from Slipknot and Metallica, as well as Korn – you can read more about his experiences on his blog here! Thanks go to Jonathan, Korn, all the touring crew, and the other bands on the bill for making everyone feel welcome and putting on such a great show!


2 comments on “Strychnin Gallery: Korn

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  2. vasen pather
    April 29, 2010

    im a huge fan of korn and J,D
    can u get the contact details of jd or korn or there company please

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