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Strychnin Gallery: “Whaleless” in the Museo Civici, Reggio Emilia

Ketos 1

Strychnin Gallery is proud to announce that “Whaleless”, the show currated by Strychnin Gallery and Giovanni Cervi, is travelling again, and will be opening at the Museo Civici in Reggio Emilia, Italy on July 9th at 9pm. Entitled “KETOS 2.0”, it is the first “Whaleless” exhibition in a public space and will feature site specific installations and digital as well as fine art.

This is a great honour for all the artists involved, and also a huge opportunity for the causes “Whaleless” strives to promote. We hope this will be the first of many museum shows we are involved in!

Ketos 2

Whaleless is an art project dedicated to those artists wishing to express their indignation, rage, shame, disbelief or concern about the slow disappearance of the fascinating giant marine mammals.

Pollution, whaling and unacceptable fishing practices are only some of the causes that seriously endanger their survival. It seems that they are slowly but inevitably growing extinct, while the consequences of their gradual disappearance are impossible to predict. And yet we can be certain that the world’s ecosystem – not just the oceans’ but that of our entire planet – will be affected by this change. The world would not be the same without whales, which is why action needs to be taken immediately.

The project “Whaleless” was born in 2005 on the pages of the Italian Pig magazine, created by the Italian curator Giovanni Cervi. In 2008 Whaleless started an international exhibition tour at Strychnin Gallery London. It has since travelled to major European cities and was shown at Strychnin Gallery Berlin in March 2009.

Artists featured in Reggio Emilia are:
Wayne Chisnall, Arianna Carossa, Squp, Zaelia Bishop, Aurélien Police, Giuliano Sale, Kokomoo, Tamara Ferioli, Bethany Marchman, LostFish, Lisa Mei Ling Fong, Ansgar Noeth, Karin Andersen, Mimi S, Fernanda Veron, Elena Rapa, Madeline von Foester and Leonardo Betti.

“Whaleless” is realized with the kind support of PIG Magazine, Res Pira and of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, who previously supported the “Whaleless” exhibition in Berlin


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