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Strychnin Gallery: Dayvid Lemmon, Davey Jones & Lisa Mei Ling Fong


Friday sees the opening of the new show at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin, with new photographic works by Davey Jones and Dayvid LeMmon in the fron room, co-currated by Perihelion Arts in Phoenix Arizona, and Lisa Mei Ling Fong’s “Introversion Boxes” in The Vault.

Everything starts at 7pm at Strychnin Gallery, Boxhagener Str. 36, 10245 Berlin. All three artists will be on hand to answer any questions about their artwork (or anything else you want to ask…) The hallway will be filled with exciting and beautiful artwork from  previous shows and the permanent collection, from great Strychnin artists such as David Hochbaum, Mimi S, Wee Flowers, Edith LeBeau, Seymour, Daniel Van Nes, Elmer Presslee, and Marina Bychkova.


“Cradle” by Davey Jones

Davey Jones spends up 6 months to create the sets, props and costumes, and will work on the image in post-production for weeks or months to produce the final piece.

Each piece is described by Davey as the single defining moment from a story which has it’s own underlying history and mythology. With this isolated image, you are free to create your own interpretation of the story, and Jones feels this is more satisfying than having all details handed to you, as happens in motion pictures.


“The Wrong Step” by Dayvid LeMmon

Dayvid LeMmon has been fascinated by photography since being first introduced to the medium in his grandfather’s darkroom. After formal training in traditional black & white photogrphy, he taught himself how to use a digital camera.

Each image is made up of a number of photographs, assembled to explore the relationship between man, his designs, and nature. While the pictures resemble something produced using traditional photography, Dayvid tries to avoid reproducing dark-room techniques digitally, but instead creates a similar warmth with modern technology.


“Light” by Lisa Mei Ling Fong

Lisa Mei Ling Fong creates her “Introversion Boxes” from objects she finds and collects on her travels around the globe. Each one tells a story, real or imagined, and explores the concept of what memory means to us in relation to our existence. Her artwork is her journal entry: a personal note on the efforts of a life that must inevitably traverse a timeline that is terminal.

“Death is what reminds me to live – not as an empty and floating being, but as a temporal entity that can touch all of what is around me. My Introversion Boxes are celebrations of Life by celebrating Death.”

Tomorrow, we will bring you more information on the show, along with images of the artwork and from the past few days of build-up!


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