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Strychnin Gallery: “Nuclear Religion” Opening Night!


As promised, here are the pictures from the opening night – as always, we all had a great time, and all three artists got some fantastic reactions to their work. Having the artists on hand to chat about their work is always a highlight for visitors, and Dayvid, Davey & Lisa are so enthusiastic.




Visitors admiring the works in the front room



Davey Jones talking about his piece “Deity”




Seymour and Gerhard Charles Rump of Die Welt discussing art (among other things)


Lisa & her boyfriend with her long-time friend and fellow Strychnin artist Tim Roosen & his girlfriend


“Who photographs the photographer?”


Dayvid LeMmon with his piece “Transmission / Substantiation”


Davey Jones between his pieces “Deity” and “The Fall of Jericho”


Lisa Mei Ling Fong with her work in the Vault

Thanks to all the artist for their hard work, and to Perihelion Arts in Phoenix, Arizona for co-currating the front room – we look forward to putting on a show in their space soon!

We hope to see everyone again at the next show at Strychnin Gallery – “The Red Thread” a three-woman show with new works by Edith LeBeau, Bethany Marchman & Jennybird Alcantara. There will be no Vault show, so the back room will be full of amazing work from the permanent collection, along with some sneak-peaks for upcoming shows…


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