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Strychnin Gallery: … And Now A Word From Our Sponsor :)

One of the great things about having an official blog for Strychnin Gallery is that you the reader can have a view “behind-the-scenes” at some of the things that happen outside the confines of the gallery. So far we’ve shown you encounters with rock stars, trips to art fairs, and there is much more to come!

In the first of what we hope will become a regular feature, Yasha Young the gallerist, lets us know what’s happening in her whirlwind life – over to you, Yasha:

“Just a brief update on what your dearest fairy godmother is doing when not traveling and working too much –

I got invited to do a photoshoot with Maxim from The Prodigy for his new project and while I went to London I thought how wonderful it would be to combine the shoot with another photshoot with Annie Bertram and the superb Sam, Mac’s make up artist extraordinair. She is currently building prostetics of dead solidiers for army and reality training at Stone Henge, so she was more than happy to take a day off from bloddy corpses to give us some extra magic – we did three amazing shoots and Dani (far right in the picture) would be your saviour if you have like me the worlds most untaimable hair !!


So Maxim arrived and while him and me discussed the new david hochbaum poster for our limited edition event with the band and our artists while I got transformed into a mentalfuturemermaid warrior hahaha see image – than we took some unbelievable pick with maxim and me before we got people from the elton john camp bring us some amazing food and say hello ( all the while I am still a half naked mermaid( !! ) ……..sales and projects should go up hahahha ) before I got offered a lead role in an upcoming viking movie by Mr Van Sant – well I accepted !!

Than Maxim and I drove to see Mr Stuart Semple himself to discuss the video shoot with him and us and the band (which we will of course let you have a sneak peak upon completuion) – he offered lilac cupcakes and lavender tea 😉 – how very english !!

I keep you posted about – now I am at Heathrow- ready to tackle the movie in NYC and the reality tv show in LA and of course Art 21 (!) – with a face mask on so you don’t loose me to swine flue and a cup of soymilk watching Six Feet Under re-runs in my Virgin lounge – sigh – what a cliche haha ……. more soon!

More pictures from the shoot and the project will be coming – watch this space (along with The Prodigy and David Hochbaum‘s websites)

Love and coconuts!”


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