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Strychnin Gallery: “The Red Thread” – opening tonight!

Red Thread

Tonight is the opening of the beautiful new show at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin – “The Red Thread” Now everything is hanging, the amazing work of Edith Lebeau, Bethany Marchman and Jennybird Alcantara truly lights up the room!

After a few days travelling through Germany, Edith arrived in Berlin yesterday, and was excited to see her pieces in the gallery. Because of other engagements, one of the press appointments had been pushed forward, so she had to jump straight into an interview with Freshmilk TV.  Freshmilk have previously recorded a feature about the “Bombs Away!” graffiti show in April (just search for Strychnin on their website), and it was great to see them back for “The Red Thread”

The show is already featured on several blogs, such as Iheartberlin, Sweet-station, and Just Another Art Blog, and there will be more coming!

Now, for those of you who haven’t had a chance to check out all the pieces from “The Red Thread” on the Strychnin website, here they are!

Jennybird Alcantara

Jennybird 1

“Calm Before The Storm”

Jennybird 2“Bird Watcher”

Jennybird 3

“More Mischief in the Thicket”

Jennybird 4


Jennybird doll 1

“Maternal Instinct Malfunction Bunny”

Jennybird doll 2

“The Ink Swallower”

Jennybird doll 3

“Lady of the Lake” – SOLD

Jennybird doll 4

“Forest Creature” – SOLD

Jennybird doll 5

“Deep Sleep” – SOLD

Jennybird doll 6

“Rat Girl”

Jennybird doll 7

“Queen of the Riddle of Realms”

Bethany Marchman

Bethany 1

“Marmoset There’d Be Days Like These – SOLD

Bethany 4

“Bunny’s Last Dance” – SOLD

Bethany 3

“Monkey In The Middle” – SOLD

Bethany 7

“Sword Swallower” – SOLD

Bethany 5

“Mistress Mary”

Bethany 6

“Elephant Art”

Bethany 2

“You Sunk My Battleship”

Edith Lebeau

Edith 2


Edith 3

“The Beekeeper”

Edith 1


Edith 4

“The Weakness”

Edith 5


For prices and purchase information, check the link for “The Red Thread” on the Strychnin website here.

It promises to be a great opening, so if you are in Berlin tonight, please drop in. The show runs until August 30th, so there is plenty of time to see all the beautiful artwork!


One comment on “Strychnin Gallery: “The Red Thread” – opening tonight!

  1. Jaulleixe
    December 2, 2012

    Hi, is it still possible to buy the “Queen of the Riddle of Realms” doll?
    Thank you.

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