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Strychnin Gallery: “The Red Thread” Installation!


As promised, here is a selection of pictures from the gallery installation for “The Red Thread”. The pictures can’t do justice to the beautiful work by Jennybird Alcantara, Bethany Marchman and Edith Lebeau, so try to make it to Berlin to see the show!


All three artists excelled themselves with the pieces they made for the show, and should be proud of how amazing the room looked, as well as how the different styles of artwork complimented each other.




Despite some difficulties with arranging the room to ensure every piece gets the attention it deserves, the installation came together due to the input of almost everyone in the Strychnin family, including Yasha giving advice via a webcam link from the US!



As there was no Vault show this month, almost nothing in the back rooms remained unchanged from the way it was hanging during “Nuclear Religion” last month!





A selection of works by Lisa Mei Ling Fong occupies one wall, with the others being filled with pieces that have been shown previously, as well as brand new works from Miraschi, Marcus Poston and Sophie Bastien.



Coming up next: pictures from the opening last night!


2 comments on “Strychnin Gallery: “The Red Thread” Installation!

  1. severnyproductions
    August 8, 2009

    they should, these are great

  2. Barbara Canepa
    August 8, 2009

    Magnificent expo !
    Congratulations !
    And…I can see my small doll by Jenny ! ^___^
    She is very beautiful …

    Thanks .. good luck for the your expo !

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