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Strychnin Gallery: “The Red Thread” Roundup!


Today was the last day of “The Red Thread” and it’s been a great month for Strychnin Gallery! The great weather has seen more people on the streets of Friedrichshain, locals as well as tourists, and the gallery has been busy every day we were open.

Edith, Jennybird & Bethany’s work all got a huge amount of attention, and every piece had some great responses. The gallery got a lot of new visitors thanks to press features and listings, and they loved all the artwork, not just the pieces from “The Red Thread” For those of you who didn’t manage to make it to the show, there is a video from the opening night at Berlinerkunstkontakter, which can be found here. While she was in Berlin for the opening, Edith was interviewed by Freshmilk.TV – you can see it here, as well as another look around the gallery.


This Friday, September 4th, is the opening for the new show – “A Space In All The Noise” The show sees the return of Jason Shawn Alexander to Strychnin Berlin for his second show here. Jason previously was part of the two-man show “Ouroborus” with his friend and fellow comic artist Brian Horton. Along with his paintings, Jason will be bringing several of his pen & ink illustrations from previous projects, so fans of his comic-book work have the opportunity to see it up close…

10. This Is War

Also in the show is Gene Guynn, another painter from America – his work is a beautiful mix ofsecrets and sensuality, and really compliments Jason’s work.

Please check back during the week for more information, stories and images from the build-up of “A Space In All The Noise”!


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