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Strychnin Gallery: “A Space In All The Noise” Installation


In our next update about “A Space In All The Noise” here are the pictures of all of Jason Shawn Alexander and gene Guynn’s work hanging in the gallery.



Gene and Jason’s work hanging in the front room, with a view through to the hallway and some of the great artwork there, including  one of Bethany Marchman’s  pieces from the previous show.




Once again the back rooms changed, with some of the remaining work from previous shows still on display, along with other great pieces from the permanent collection.


Wee Flowers brought a custom-painted Dean V-Coustic guitar especially for the opening, and it got a lot of attention – one of the great things about all the Strychnin artists is that theyalways manage to create something new and exciting!



Everything in the back room and hallway will be changing in October, as Ver Mar will be taking over The Vault with her installation “Myths, Omens and Misunderstandings”, so expect something very different next month!

Coming up next, a selection of images from the opening night of “A Space In All The Nosie”!


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