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Strychnin Gallery: “A Space In All The Noise”


The latest show to open at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin is “A Space In All The Noise”, consisting of new and recent works by American artists Jason Shawn Alexander and Gene Guynn.


“Intimate Conversation of Trust” by Jason Shawn Alexander

This was Jason’s second time in Berlin, as he previously showed work alongside fellow comic-book artist Brian Horton in their show “Ouroborous”.  Along with his oil paintings, Jason also brought several of his pen & ink illustrations, as well as a selection of original comic pages for the opening night.

Jason’s work in oils is very different to his illustration work – whereas pen and ink give immediate results, oils allow him to continue working on a piece for a long time, often overpainting large portions of the piece until the work is done.


“The Great Flood” by Gene Guynn

Gene graduated from the Academy of Art in San Fancisco in 2008, but is already making enough of an impact with his work for Yasha to offer him a placce in the show.

His work starts with loose charcoal work and lots of paint washes, and is then refined into a sensual, flowing portrait or figure. Each of the women in his paintings all bear a oval scar, which symbolises a person’s past experiences, memories and emotions – in essence, their soul.

Picture from the gallery installationvand the opening night will follow! “A Space In All The Noise” runs until October 4th, at Strychnin Gallery Berlin.


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