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Strychnin Gallery: Daniel Van Nes & Amanda Palmer!

Daniel & Amanda

Daniel Van Nes & Amanda Palmer on stage (picture by Cat Munro)

Last week Amanda Palmer played two dates at Union Chapel in London. She was supported by Polly Scattergood and Strychnin artist Daniel Van Nes!


During Amanda’s performance Daniel created a piece of art live on stage, as part of the show. Daniel is best known for his illuminated engravings and woodcuts, but for this piece he wanted to work on a larger scale so it was more visible to the audience, so mainly used Chinese ink which gave the effect of charcoal.


Neil & Amanda during sound-check

Daniel also was there during the sound-check, and got to enjoy seeing Amanda and Neil Gaiman perform a song together, as well as listen to a classical piece performed on the Union Chapel organ.

After the concert was over, the piece Daniel had created was auctioned off by Amanda to a lucky member of the audience! Below is a picture of Daniel, Amanda, and the lucky winner of the auction –  that has to be one of the best mementos of a concert ever! Congratulations!


One comment on “Strychnin Gallery: Daniel Van Nes & Amanda Palmer!

  1. Richard A. Kirk
    September 16, 2009

    Daniel Van Nes rules. Nice work man!

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