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Groups show opens November 13th!

Magistrates. A group show featuring international pop-surrealist artists.

Also starring a Mark Ryden book release party in The Vault!

Magistrates features Ray Caesar, Michael Forbes, Chet Zar, David Hochbaum, Guillermo Rigattieri, Cliff Wallace, Tim Roosen, Dean Flemming, C.C. Askew, Luis Lorenzana, Mikael Alacoque, Jon Jaylo, Marco Rea, Michael Page, , Manuel Cortez, Jason Limon, Ali Eckert, Chase Tafoya, Scott Altmann, Jaimes Zacarias, Bruce Mitchell, Steven Daily, Raf Veulemans, François Escalmel, Donato Giancola, Richard Kirk and others.

Magistrates features over 23 internationally renowned artists such as Ray Cesar,Michael Page, Chet Zar or Michael Forbes. Works in this show range from a variety of different media such as painting, etching, digital painting, photography and sculpture, making for an exhibition featuring many unique artistic positions from pop surrealism to fantastic art, special effects to lowbrow, pop art to urban art. As a very special treat, Strychnin is also proud to present an exclusive book release party for Mark Ryden’s latest book, Fushigi Circus, as well as some prints by the famous artist that were previously sold out. Ryden, who by many is considered one of the Godfathers of lowbrow art, has signed multiple copies of his latest collection of works especially for this book release party in The Vault – come and get one!

Opens November 13th at 7 pm.

Strychnin Gallery

Boxhagener Str. 36

10245 Berlin


We are looking forward to seeing you!

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