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“Magistrates” Opening Night!


Despite being on Friday 13th, the opening of “Magistrates” was an amazing night! The combination of a fantastic group show in the front room, along with the Fushigi Circus book launch and Mark Ryden print show in The Vault, saw a huge crowd flock to the gallery!



All the guests were blown away by the quality of the work from all the artists, and enjoyed the rare opportunity to see work by Mark Ryden, Ray Caesar, Jason Limon, Chet Zar, Michael Page, Richard Kirk and many more all in the same place.



The display of Mark Ryden’s limited edition posters in The Vault is the first time they have all been displayed together, and we are very grateful to Porterhouse Fine Art for sending us these, as they are all sold out. It is a wonderful opportunity to see Mark’s work up close, and also get hold of a signed copy of the gold edition of “Fushigi Circus”. Berlin artist Christian Rothenhagen created an installation especially for the show, consisting of bird mobiles, a miniature cityscape, and a custom-made neon deer light.

One of the highlights of any opening, for the visitors as well as those of us working at Strychnin Gallery, is the opportunity to meet the artists and talk about their work. On this occasion nine artists made it out for the show – as well as the European artists who came, David Hochbaum was still in town, and Dean Fleming flew in from America for the opening night.


Dean Fleming with his piece “The Doll’s House”

We didn’t know it when planning the show, but Dean and Mark Ryden are old friends, having attended college together.


Michael Forbes in front of “Bite Me”, one of the two pieces he had in the show


Tim Roosen, who drove from Belgium to be at the opening, with his sculpture “Feeder”


Manuel Cortez in front of his piece “Jack”


Special effects master Cliff Wallace with “Lamia” (and the top of his other piece “The Bastion)


Photographer and director Ali Eckert next to his picture “One Hundred Dollars”


Mikael Alacoque with “Florence”, one of his dog sculptures


Christian Rothenhagen in the midst of his installation in The Vault




Due to The Vault being used for Mark Ryden’s prints, the hallway was crammed full of artwork from past shows and the permanent collection. On the right of the picture is the beautiful  new piece Madeline Von Foerster made for Art Fair 21 this year, “Mother Of The Tree”


Kim Boekbinder with Benjamin Vierling’s piece “Woman with Beast”

Kim dropped by the show and was very suprised by Benjamin’s piece, because not only are they friends, but she knows the lady who modelled for the painting – the world really is a small place!

Finally, a big THANKYOU to all the artists for their wonderful pieces, Mark Ryden and Porterhouse Fine Art Editions for the sold out posters, and Last Gasp Publishing for signed and unsigned copies of “Fushigi Circus”

Check out all the works in the show on the Strychnin website here, and take a look at the show installation in the next post!

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