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“Quadrant Fantasy” at Fantasmus, Saeby

Strychnin artists on display

Yesterday those of the Strychnin team who travelled to Saeby for the “Quadrant Fantasy” show at Fantasmus return, with nothing but good things about the experience!

The quality of work from every artist was amazing. The artists from the Strychnin roster and those chose by Claus Brusen all fit together perfectly. By restricting the size of the pieces, and giving them all the same frame, Claus put together a beautiful looking show.

Lisa Mei Ling Fong’s work next to pieces by Lee Harvey Roswell

Work by Strychnin artists Francois Escalmel, Tim Roosen & Richard Kirk

Raf Veuleman’s pieces were also hanging on the same wall

Claus Brusen & his wife at work in the Fatasmus Gallery

The home of Fantasmus

Once again, we would like to thank Claus Brusen & his wife for making the trip to Saeby such an enjoyable one, everyone who was able to attend the opening, and all the artists who made such amazing work for the show.

For more details on “Quadrant Fantasy” contact us, or visit the Fantasmus website.


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