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Controversy at Ketos 2.1 in Milan!

“Ketos”, the anti-whaling show curated by Giovanni Cervi has just opened at the Civic Aquarium in Milan. The show has previously been exhibited in Strychnin’s galleries in London and Berlin, under the name “Whaleless”. It has also been exhibited in Reggio Emilia and Rome.

The show features artists from around the world, including Strychnin artists such as Madeline Von Foerster, Lisa Mei Ling Fong, Ansgar Noeth, Mimi S and Bethany Marchman.

For the new show, Cliff Wallace created the sculpture you see above. However, you won’t see it if you visit the Civic Aquarium. Worried that the fusion of Marian iconography, Rosary beads, bare breasts and endangered cetaceans would offend people, those in charge did not allow it to be put on display!


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This entry was posted on May 2, 2010 by in Projects.
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