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SCOPE Art Fair

Right after the opening of “Fragility” in Berlin, Strychnin headed to Basel in Switzerland for the SCOPE Art Fair. During this time Basel hosts several other prestigious art fairs, so the town is full of artists, gallerists, collectors and art fans.

Strychnin appeared at SCOPE alongside a group of other Berlin galleries, as part of the LBVG’s (Landesverband Berliner Galerien) “Art From Berlin” project. This not only presents galleries from Berlin, but also promotes other cultural aspects of the city, such as music.

Along with some of Strychnin’s more well-known artists, there were several new faces in the booth – Mark Evans, Saturno Butto, and Alexandra Lier.

Alexandra Lier’s photography focuses on the custom car and hot-rod culture from around the world. Her piece, “The World’s Fastest Karmann Ghia” recieved a lot of attention, both due to the subject matter and the medium – many people were fascinated by the process of printing a photograph directly onto wood.

Mark Evans’ technique also caused many visitors to the Strychnin booth to do a double-take! Many did not believe his almost photorealistic etchings were on leather until they got close enough to smell it. Mark’s work is collected by celebrities from the worlds of sport, fashion and music, but for many this was the fisrt time they had seen something like this.

The final new artist at SCOPE was Saturno Butto, an Italian artist. His blending of Renaissance techniques, traditional religious iconography, and fetish culture makes him a welcome addition to the Strychnin family

Also present were works from Margaret Bowland, David Hochbaum, Madeline Von Foerster, Mimi S,  and Boris & Natascha. Dolls from both Marina Bychkova and Virginie Ropars took a brief holiday from the “Fragilty” exhibition to be displayed at SCOPE.

Margaret Bowland’s two brilliant paintings were visible down the entire length of the exhibition space, and definately helped draw people to the Strychnin booth. In a strange coincidence, the booth next to Strychnin’s was showing work by Haruki Murakami, whose painting was the inspiration for the background of Margaret’s piece “The Artist”

David Hochbaum worked incredibly hard to get his works to Europe in time for SCOPE, as he was preparing for his trip to Japan to work on his new series based on traditional Japanese ghost stories. Thankfully, the pieces arrived just in time to make it to Basel!

Boris & Natascha’s work, that they describe as “Grave Rubbery”, involves taking rubbings from the grave markers of the famous. In this way they are able to channel the spirit of that person, and recieve messages from beyond. The striking use of hand-made gold paper, and the messages that emerge, caused a large amount of interest in their “Oracle” series.

The two pieces from Madeline Von Foerster are part of her latest series based around reliquaries. Both paintings are the result of countless hours of research into the subject, and spent at the easle. Strychnin will be hosting an entire show from this series in November, after Art Fair 21 in Cologne.

Many of the younger visitors to the Strychnin booth took a great interest in Mimi S’ two pieces. Her style of digital painting is impressive enough, but her new presentation style gave it an extra level of mystery. Mimi was on hand to talk about her work, and everyone was fascinated to hear just how much work she puts into every aspect of the work.

SCOPE was a great experience for the both the gallery staff, and the artists who made the trip to Basel for the fair, especially as the town itself is so beautiful.


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