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Apocalisse XXI opening night

Friday night was the opening of the Italian group show ‘Apocalisse XXI’. This was the first time that these artists had shared the same gallery space and it was a huge success. Each artist has their own very unique style at the same time complementing each other with colour and subject matter. All three artists made it to Berlin for the show and everyone enjoyed chatting to them about their latest works as well as getting one on one demonstrations of Franco Losvizzero’s animated sculptures.

Jon Jaylo also came all the way across from the Philippines to exhibit his new selection of oil paintings. A little jet lagged and missing the beginning of his own show due to sleep deprivation, he made it in the end and enjoyed meeting some of his fans who had also travelled a long way to meet him.

The show will be up for the month and is well worth checking out. See you there.

Franco Losvizzero being interviewed by Zoe magazine from Italy.

Desiderio in front of his piece ‘Busky no.4’

Elio Varuna with his works in the background.

Elio Varuna ‘Bloody Mary’

Show curator Julie Kogler and Zoe magazine

A surprise performance!

Jon Jaylo in front of his piece ‘ Ting & Yang’

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