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Strychnin at Artfair 21

After an early start and a long drive we made it safely to the Artfair 21 show grounds in Köln last Wednesday night. We unpacked and managed to get two hours sleep before heading back to start the preparation of our two booths. We were lucky to have a helping hand from the participating Strychnin artists who had traveled from all over europe and the USA to join us. After another huge day we were able to sit back with a drink and stare at the walls like zombies admiring the artwork.

Thursday kicked off with a press conference and an introduction to the ‘Blooom’ by our very own Yasha Young who is the Director of this new segment. Within an hour the show grounds were packed with VIPs and press getting their first look at what the fair has to offer.

Four days later the show was over and we made our way back to Berlin. We all came away really proud of how our booths looked and think we portrayed to others the flare and which is at the heart of the Strychnin.

to be continued…….

Daniel Van Nes beginning the setup of his new piece.

Madeline unpacking and hooking up her latest works.

David Hochbaum helping out with the hanging.

Yasha introducing Blooom in the opening press conference.

Artfair 21 Booth

Mark Evans giant etched leather pieces.

Brad Kunkles ‘Trinity’. This is a piece you have to see in person. He paints with oil and real gold onto silver coated linen causing the piece to illuminate under different lighting conditions.

A close up of Daniel Van Nes new piece. Daniel has been experimenting with the different lighting systems in his pieces, this one having a remote control/sensor that changes the illumination colours. We will be showing this piece back in Berlin so make sure you come into the gallery for a look.

Raf Veulemans pieces including a taxidermy shetland pony mounted in Bees Wax.

David discussing his new pieces to a friend of the gallery. This is a preview of his work inspired and created after his time in Japan earlier this year. David will be having a solo show with the full collection of this work mid 2011.

Madeline discussing one of her new pieces with our good friend Günter.

Daniel Van Nes and Mark Evans

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