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Strychnins Blooom Booth

Blooom is tagged as being the first interdisciplinary presentation platform for artists and art projects of the creative industries. Basically it is a show case of the youthful the experimental the technological the art that doesn’t fit quite here nor there. Things that people might see more as product rather than art. To try to sum it up once more, it’s a bunch of really cool looking stuff on display in a massive building.

Strychnins booth showed off the more poppy and comical side of what the gallery has to offer with artists such as Mimi. S, Seymour. Sophie Bastien, Wee Flowers, Mark Ryden, and Edith Lebeau with work ranging from Doll houses to extremely detailed digital paintings.

Wee Flowers talking art with Maxim from the Prodigy and MTVs Joko Winterscheidt

Mimi S. in front of her piece ‘Gimme Gimme More’

One of Mimis younger fans 😉

The outside of Seymours Doll house.

The inside of Seymours Doll house.

Saturno Butto in front of his two latest works.

Sophia Bastien in front of her new pieces.

A piece by the talented london duo Skeleton Heart.

Alexandra liers latest photographic pieces. These look amazing in real life. They are printed onto aluminium and covered with a thick car varnish.

Nanami Cowdroys laser etched skateboard decks along side Mark Ryden and Wee flowers latest pieces.


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