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The adventures of Kult-kopf

On Tuesday morning the people of Köln woke up to a giant pink head sitting on the front steps of the Kölner Dom. How it mysteriously turned up on the steps in this Banksy manner is a mystery;). After some further research on the head now tagged as ‘kult-kopf’ it was found to have been created by an American artist named Elmer Presslee who was participating in this years Artfair 21, and its orginal name was “my mid-life crisis middle American Olmec style”

The editor of Bild newspaper Michael Bischoff spotted the head being hulled into a rubbish truck and got to it just in time to talk the rubbish men into handing it over.

So what are the plans for Kult-kopf? I guess we will have to wait and see. In the meantime he’s taking a sighting tour around Köln cheering up Kölners days as they pose for a photo with him …much to the distaste of the living statues!

To be continued….

Editor of BILD Michael Bischoff saves the head.


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