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‘The Mad Potters Tea Party’ Preview

Here is another little preview of our upcoming show, which will open on February 4th at 7.00 pm. Even though this is only a little glance at some of the incredible pieces of artwork which can been seen during next month, it should give you an idea of what you can expect.

Due to the amazing work of artists such as the famous duo Ant and Lisa, known as Skeleton Heart, Strychnin Gallery will turn into a real wonderland inspired by the legendary masterpiece of Lewis Carroll. Skeleton Heart really know how to create an atmosphere as they have already helped to create many wonderful movies as for instance Corpse Bride. Ant already brought along The Mad Hatter and The Mad Rabbit, who you can join at their illustrious tea party.

The Mad Hatter a.k.a….

…’The Time Killer’ who is as you might know…

…constantly stuck in tea time!

The Mad Rabbit has also turned completely bonkers!

The hour glass indicates: Still tea time!

Of course, you need to have the proper porcelain in order to throw a great tea party! Therefore, we got heaps of talented and well-known creatives design cups, saucers, jars, pots and everything else you need for such an occasion. Chris Mars, David Stoupakis, Ray Cesar, Daniel Van Nes, Oksana Badrak and Wee Flowers are only a few of the big names that turned these utensils into unique art. Produced by one of the leading ceramic manufacturers, The New English, the results will make you want to be stuck in tea time too!

Chris Mars’ jars awaiting their third firing.

(Note that all these pieces are not completely finished yet. Some colors will still turn and flourish during the final firing and polishing!)

David Stoupakis’ cup prior to third firing.

Oksana Badrak’s tea and sugar pot before firing.

Wee Flowers’ jar awaiting the third firing.

Daniel Van Nes’ (soon to be) gilding sketch cup.

Come and see all the results on February 4th!


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