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‘How to Inherit a house and a family’ by Wee Flowers

The highly anticipated Wee Flowers solo show is just around the corner with the vernissage on Friday the 11th of March. The show is titled ‘Villa Otterbourne’ or How to inherit a house and a family’. Wee sent us some sneak pics of a few of the pieces that will be part of the show as well as a caption that sums up the concept and theme of the show.

This will is going to be a super fun show and one not to miss with lots of treats and surpises for all….cocktails anyone!

See you there 😉

A marvellous familiy story told and portraid by Wee Flowers.

“On a rainy November night one year ago the phone rang in the salon. There was a notary of the chancellery Rutton, Blackminster & Tromp Limited from London who would like to speak to me about an inheritance. He told me tender heartedly, that I was now the heiress to the Otterbourne Mansion in London, a formerly charming estate that is currently in a rather unfortunate condition. Urgently needed is the repair of the roof. After I had seen my house, and found only a few sellable ‐ fairly curious ‐ objects in the attic, hardly enough to pay the reparation, I decided to paint portraits of my family in order to put them up for sale in this exhibition.”
Wee Flowers


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