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‘Blaas of Glory’ Video shoot

‘Blaas of Glory’…….What can I say. They are a bunch or charming middle-aged men who wear leopard skin tights and 80s hair metal wigs. It’s Bret Michaels from Poison meets Sgt Peppers.

Hailing from The Netherlands this eccentric 8 piece band create completely original yet hilarious adaptations of classic songs such as ‘The Final Countdown’ and ‘Ace of Spades’ through to AC/DC and Iron Maiden medleys. Aside from their great outfits, the truly unique aspect of this group is their style. Fusing genres such as  Oompah Ragtime and bluegrass then mixing this with 80s metal hits. They have definitely found their own niche within the world of modern music.

After spending last summer on the European festival circuit touring with the likes of Metallica, the band returned to the recording studio to record their second full length album titled ‘Highway to Hell’ and releasing their first single ‘Enter Venusss’; an adaptation of Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ and ‘Venus’ by the Dutch legends shocking blue.

This is about the point where Strychnin got involved. We were introduced to the band through Strychnin artist Daniel van Nes and the next we thing knew we had a team of super talents together working on the video clip for ‘Enter Venusss’.

We are extremely lucky to have Judy Jacob from the london visual arts company Beggars Velvet directing the clip. She has worked on clips with bands like The Pixies, Kings of Leon and Coldplay so we knew that Judy was perfect for this job. We also have Yasha Young as Producer and coordinator and the creative team ‘Skeleton Heart’ creating all the puppets and creatures for the shoot. Daniel van Nes has been working on the set design and has created an incredibly detailed 1×1 metre stage. And last but not least we have the dutch super star Tygo Gernandt acting as our main character.

The Mood on set has been great and raw footage is looking amazing. We have an afternoon of puppeteering to come but the team are in great spirit and everyone’ having a blast.

Stay tuned for more pics and updates soon!

To be continued……


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