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Things you can you do while fighting the world’s most terrible cold and tiredness!!

Here I was a long night prior to my date with the KEEP A BREAST girls Shaney Jo and Erika and I was barely making it down the street that’s how exhausted I was. But the cause is a f____ awesome one and they flew in from LA so there was no way I wasn’t going to seize the moment and meet and get cast by the “Cast-Meister” herself.

Shaney is born with a smile on her face and after 5 minutes in her presence I forgot all about everything and we had the best time. I was giving a short interview for the ‘This is my story…” section on the beautiful website in which I had a chance to speak about my Mom’s breast cancer and also about the best friend on the planet Kristen Ferrell who I dedicated my video to. Then we cast !!!!! It’s so much fun but you have to stand still ….can you imagine me standing still for 10 minutes HAHAHAHAHAHA hard one but vanity made  me do it cause if you don’t stand still the cast will get wrinkles and you look like you got saggy Boobies – SO (!!) I stood still!

The cast is beautiful and I am so proud to be acting as one of the spokesperson for the foundation!! I am getting so excited for this show in August with COP  – in Berlin so if you read this and you know about some big names that want to be out there and fight with us and be a part of the NON TOXIC REVOLUTION  – come send me an email !!!

I LOVE BOOBIES !!! You know it !!!
PS : Holly Miranda and David Hochbaum are doing one soon I keep you posted  – NNNOOOOO   HE is painting it ;-)!!!! ( an you imagine !!!! hahahaha )

Yasha X

SHANEY AND MYSELF and 2 more secret KEEP A BREAST AGENTS taking pictures


A FINAL ONE !!! Not mine 😉



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