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The hunt (literally) began

Greg Haberny fans of Berlin are really on top of things! Today’s treasure hunt was quite a quick deal due to the excitement and dedication of two art enthusiasts from Berlin. Even though the hint hasn’t been that obvious Stefan and Sascha didn’t give anybody else a chance. As smart as they are, they started stalking Greg the time he left the gallery to get ready for his installation in the city. Also stoping at subway stations without hoping on the train, switching wagons during rides and generally trying to be as imperceptible as possible couldn’t hinder those guys to get their hands on his art. While Stefan was trying to follow Greg on his way on public transportation, Sascha followed by car bringing along a ladder and all sorts of tools to be prepared to take home Greg’s gift immediately. The pice was finally claimed by Stefan somewhere around the area of Beusselstr as it was enjoying a smooth ride on the Ringbahn. Of course, Greg has been really happy about the fact that his work was found by such psyched followers who had also a good time hunting him and his painting down! Cheers to you Stefan and Sascha!

By the way, today we won’t be starting of at the gallery, so you don’t have to lurk around 😉

Is that suspicious?

Take the tube…

… or walk a bit?!

What goes around comes around, doesn’t it?

Stefan getting a closer look of what he has been chasing


Greg and Stefan talking about this and that

Then we met Sascha who was the second guy of this two man operation, driving the car and being prepared for anything! He brought a ladder and enough tools to screw apart almost anything!

Have fun with the artwork guys and see you on Friday at the opening!

One comment on “The hunt (literally) began

  1. ISPY
    April 5, 2011

    Ahhh I can hardly wait this next hint seems to be a difficult one … a little bird told me – do you guys have all the updates on facebook too ?

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