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Kent Williams and Chris Anthony

And what a night it was!

As planned I went jetlaged and sunburned to Merry Karnowski’s gallery to see the new exhibition on opening night.

Kent Williams and Chris Anthony.

I arrive and the whole evening turns in to a beautiful reunion! My dear friend Merry and I reminiscing about the first time we met with Camille Rose Garcia in a little coffee shop on La Brea 10 years ago! Cheering with single malt we both agree we have seen a lot and done a lot and now we shall do something together. Plans are in the making 🙂

Then as I walk around I bump into more friends! Alex McLaughlin is hosting the event and it’s a pleasure to run into the Aussie all relaxed and without the paparazie chasing him around.

Another blast from the past as I see Jason Shawn Alexander and Chantal Menard. Funny!!!

I speak with Kent and Chris for a while and must say that Chris Anthony has evolved and this series of work is really good and with substance – congrats!

We enjoy another glass, make lunch dates and off I go – big day tomorrow with Keep a Breast: Holly Miranda and Kathrine Moenning + a surprise guest will be cast at my humble abode in the hills …….I keep you posted 🙂

Merry Karnowski and me

Chris Anthony

Alex McLaughlin and Merry

Kent Williams (right)

Chantal Menard


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