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Delicious ART  –  straight out of LA… ART IN THE STREETS @ MOCA LA

You may say what you like about Mister Deitsch being with the MOCA but I will say the team he has pulled around to put this show together has been amazing, props to Roger Gastman and Aaron Rose. It opened in early April and will be running until August in LA before it finally moves to the Brooklyn Museum (I am so excited). BUT……I needed to take a sneak peek before that.

It is probably one of the most comprehensive exhibitions on the subject of street art I have ever seen. It gives a beautiful historical overview of the development of street art in a museum style timeline hanging incl. old photographs and past items from exhibitions of the 60’s continuing through the “Cholo graffiti” of LA that ruled in the 70’s and to the NYC emerging scene in the 80’s before it than breaks out into massive full scale city installations.

Names include (but are by far not ALL) : Martha Cooper, Shepard Fairey, Dash Snow, Swoon, Teen Witch, Terry Richardson, Barry McGee, Stephen Powers, Keith Haring, Banksy, Neckface, Push… to only name a few. Banksy brilliantly continues to bite like a street dog back at the art world with a massive steam roller placed in the middle of the space to remind us about the unavoidable march of money and commodity ruling the creative realm.

It will take you 3 hours to walk the whole exhibition and I recommend to brake it into two or even three visits but it is totally worth it.

It’s a must see –  and for all of you who were not able to go I took a few little shots including what to do with your MOCA member card once you have left the building 😉


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