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Ron English’s Birthday BBQ

What a great Memorial Day weekend – I am invited to Ron English’s birthday BBQ and while at his house I also pick up my Keep a Breast cast he painted.

About two hours outside of Manhattan in the green mountain is where his house is hidden.

As I arrive the feast is already in full swing – I see a lot of artists and Lev the owner of Toy Tokyo Store which is probably my favorite place in the world (!) – he produced Ron’s first Ronald McDonald sculpture toy – and than there are a lot of dogs and children and ape girls :).

It’s always stunning to look at his collection and see Banksy money as well as Mark Ryden first edition books and toys but also a time line throughout his career as he keeps a little bit of everything in his private shelves which are filled to the brim!

We go into his massive studio to wrap the a cast before we pose together for some family friendly fun in front of one of his impressive canvases.

What a cool cast!!! I love it!!

Then I look around a little and find some of my favorite characters around including the Kiss Kids and the Charles Manson billboard in miniature.

After a nice cold beer we talk about the future and Blooom and I have few very cool plans to share soon 🙂


What an amazing cast design!

Ron’s studio is just filled up with art, toys and plenty of other cool stuff

Thanks a lot Ron!


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