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Okay one moment I have arrived in London as my phone rings with the invitation to dance at the Rock am Ring at the famous Nürburgring. Blooom sponsor Warsteiner is sponsoring the event and so I am off to support – 6 am call time and I land a few hours later in Cologne where my great chauffeurette Val is picking me up and off we go.

Arriving at the hotel which is located directly at the backstage entrance of the main stage not – I am soooo happy!

Quick change and off to the Warsteiner Lounge to greet our Hostess and wonderful friends from Warsteiner and before I know it I have the first beer in my hand at 12noon – lord!

Lots of work ahead so I get my passes and start making the rounds – so many friends are playing ! Korn, Söhne Manheims, Coldplay, Naked and Famous and of course Rob our favorite Zombie.

NOW: you think you’ve seen it all but boy – I have never been in a more brutal storm at a festival. What has been a blazing 30 degrees Celsius turns into a 12 degree thunderstorm with massive lightning and rain as far as one can see.

I am on stage with Korn as the water is pouring down. And “peng” one guitar out and yet the boys rock it like no tomorrow as did the die hard german crowd !

Jens my favorite tour manager of all times gives me a sign and I find shelter underneath the equipment plastic – ….. – tss officially I am no spring chicken anymore and thank god for the leather jacket I brought ! So there we sit next to Rob Zombie’s guitars and watch as one Monster of Rock replaces the next and they all have a ball in the ice cold rain.

Than I jump in the van with the band and to the dressing rooms for towels, more jackets and hot pizza – never tasted anything so delicious paper box pizza at 1am. Jonathan plays me a preview of the new album that they are working on a mix of dark dub and old school Korn AMAZING!! So we make a deal and I will be organizing the new album cover – Yes business done and off I go.

After party in the special tent as I hold a cup of to tea in my freezing hands….I am grateful for the fact that I was a punk rocker and spend my youth touring with all my friends who now are big in the music industry – I meet an old buddy who has access to a limo to take me back to the hotel…….!!

Good work – good night!

My lovely chauffeurette Val

Our friends from Keep a Breast are everywhere! Awesome!

Our hostess with the mostest!

Plenty of badges, bands ,tags ,passes and what nots please, hahaha!! And everything else you need…

Xavier Naidoo???!!!

Söhne Manheims playing…                            … later on the thunderstorm started

Old friends Jonathan Davis from KORN

KORN was prepared for the rain!

KORN                                                                       Disturbed

Next show: Rob Zombie! Great set list – great show!

Rob’s guitars…                                                       … and wardrobe

Rob Zombie’s guitar stand

Every band has a special meal 🙂 Farmers salad fot The Naked and Famous

Your phantom of the opera 😉


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