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Gentle Giants exhibition set-up has begun

Today preparations for our upcoming show Gentle Giants kicked off. Michael Salter, who flew in from the states, came in early and started constructing his gentle and also very giant Styrobot. There is a lot of work to be done but, as you can see in the images below, Michael is busy as a bee! He got plenty of material to work with and can now go mad building an amazing sculpture we have all been waiting for.


The next artist who stopped by was Stefan Fromberger. Stefan, last year’s BLOOOM Award runner-up, will have an installation in our back room, also known as The Vault, and therefore he dropped off all the many artworks he has created for this show. We already had a glance at some of his works and I can tell you they look amazing 😉

Since this is only the first day of our set-up week there is plenty more to come. Stay tuned for what will happen over the next days and of course stop by on Friday for the vernissage where you can see all the gentle giants for yourselves.


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