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Touch Down LA

After my emergency landing in Grand Rapids, Michigan last week I should not ever go on an airplane again but apparently yours truly can’t be stopped by broken airplanes or technical difficulties. Not even emergency procedures, as our captain so sweetly put it, will hold me back from the crusade for the arts 🙂
I am in LA to meet with all the gaming and animation artists that are getting ready for Comic Con – very exciting. This is a rare chance to meet with the WETA artists from NZ and my favorite person Paul Tobin creator of “WhiteClouds”.

We discuss our plans for the amazing October special effects show at Strychnin Berlin and his participation in BLOOOM.
Then I finally get to devour some cheap and tasty Korean BBQ before heading out to get some of the hottest hot sauces in the world at my favorite store. I always wanted to do a hot sauce lable show – hahaha, would that work I wonder ?

Now I have a meeting with Jordu Schell before heading to the Tim Burton exhibition and sneak out some images for my friends!

More soon xo



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