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The C.O.P “Guide to the Etiquette” show coming up!

On August 12th, we will welcome the C.O.P “Guide to the Etiquette” show at Strychnin Gallery!

C.O.P Magazine (Chicks on Powertrips) is an Australian Culture Magazine devoted to female artists. In association with Yasha Young, the magazine came up with the project of a show with 30 international artists interpreting and visualizing ancient etiquette rules for women from the Victorian era. The show will feature Mimi S., Camilla d’Errico, Monique Ligons, Helena Kubicka de Bragança, Bethany Marchman, Vero Imbo, Danielle Bremner…

Check out some of the charming artworks that will be in the show!

Ladies, be prepared for August 12th!

 Anarkia                                                                     Bethany Marchman

 Camilla d’Errico                                                              Vero Imbo

    Mimi S.                                                                    Maike


Tika Viker                                                     Niagara



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