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For those who missed it: the C.O.P & Keep a Breast Opening Night!

Not only was the Berlin crowd interested in breast cancer awareness, but also blown away by the milieu of bluntly diverse C.O.P artists. Last night was an evening of reflection through strong art work and representative bust-casts.  Amongst the artists that were present; Mimi S., Wee Flowers, Christian Rothenhagen and newly discovered Maike Hettinger

Peter’s famous Catering and Guests gathering Information about Breast Cancer

The overall atmosphere was positive and sympathetic. Our guests enjoyed of sweet tarts and drinks whilst learning about Victorian Etiquette and manners from handbooks such as The Habits of Good Society (1866). As you might be informed, the C.O.P artists were assigned a “rule” of etiquette and to create their pictoral interpretation.

Artists Christian Rothenhagen and Mimi S. didn’t miss it!

The public and press loved the idea of the breast-casts, since one could see the array of on-takes on breast cancer.

Artist Maike Hettinger and her piece.

As usual, Yasha was working all night; a little bit of representing and promoting for a good cause. If you missed last night,the show runs until September 4th. So come on over and see this amazing art for yourself!
 Wee Flowers with her Natalia Avelon cast


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