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Poisoned Autum: preview of Virginie Ropars!

For the upcoming exhibition, Valley of the Dolls, Brittany-native Virginie Ropars has provided us with some detailed pictures of one of her most enchanting dolls: Autumnalis Venenata. Why this particular forgein name? Autumnalis Venenata means “Poisoned Autum” in Latin, which if very fitting for this piece. This is just a sneek-peek of what Virginie Ropars has to show, yet expect similar dedication and magic in all her other work. The perfectionism that dwells over her pieces enables a lighter reception between her artwork and the viewer, bringing her pieces to life! Apart from that, each doll has a special meanning, so without further ado, decide for yourself what the meaning for this mesmerizing beauty can be!

Can you figure out where this cool reflection belongs?

You can admire more of this fine detailed art if you come to the vernissage on the 9th of September, 19:00 o’clock-like always at Strychnin Gallery Berlin!

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