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Seymour is a compulsive spectator, and the primary origins of the majority of his pieces come from the observations of people and of the commonplace or extraordinary environment that he is surrounded with on a daily basis. Inspiration is drawn from curios, junk and lost/found objects that are often discarded, passed by or overlooked. He is influenced by the ornamental aesthetics and details used in the Victorian and Renaissance eras to, in stark contrast, the forms and organisms found in natural history. Each piece is intended to visually record the amalgamation of all the ideas of the time.

He uses a diverse range of mediums including print, painting, and sculpture to create his stylistically recognisable pieces that range from limited edition giclee prints to intricately detailed one off originals. In the past few years he has undertaken a wide range of projects including two solo shows, various group shows, and commission projects for bands, theatre productions and magazines.

Seymour in his studio

Follow Seymour’s blog and also check out his website to see more of his art.


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