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Creature Feature opening night

Last night our Creature Feature finally opened its doors and the interest in this exhibition has been great. Heaps of curious spectators took their first chance to see all the stunning creations by around a dozen artists who are well-known for making our favorite movies what they are. The selection of creatures on display shows very distinctive styles and ranges from dark, scary or creepy to cute, adorable or poppy. It is needless to say that the reception of the show has been outstanding and people cheerfully enjoyed food, drinks and of course this amazing insight into the special effects industry. Paul and Becky of Stitches and Glue, Lisa of Skeleton Heart as well as Seymour had also been amongst the guests and were happy to explain their works and answer questions of all the interested art and film enthusiasts. In the following you’ll find some impressions from last night.

  Rube, one of the major attractions


  Becky and Paul of Stitches and Glue

  Paul bringing Rube to life


Lisa of Skeleton Heart








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