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Update from Art.Fair / BLOOOM in Cologne

By now more than half of Art.Fair and BLOOOM have passed and we can already tell that it has been a great success. Everybody is really satisfied with the perception of their artworks, the opportunity to exhibit with so many diverse and talented colleagues and generally has an amazing time by getting to know new and like-minded people, being inspired by their creations and celebrating the good times. A lot of time and effort was put into this event sure enough it has been more than worth it.

David Hochbaum

Daniel van Nes and David Hochbaum

Wee Flowers and Daniel van Nes

Daniel van Nes “Target”

Raf Veulemans and Madeline von Foerster

Raf Veulemans

Raf’s laboratory

Raf explaining his artwork

Saturno Butto and David Stoupakis

Benjamin Vierling

Jon Jaylo and Eric van Straaten

Eric van Straaten

Kristen Ferrel, Mondonge, Benjamin Vierling, Dolls by the Popovy Sisters and Virginie Ropars

Marcus Poston

Mimi S.

Mimi S. and Sophie Bastien

Mimi S. in front of her brilliant artwork “Happy Metal”

Seymour, Skeleton Heart and Nemo Gould

“Rube” by Stitches and Glue


Elmer Presslee


Greg Haberny

The New English


4 comments on “Update from Art.Fair / BLOOOM in Cologne

  1. donald
    November 1, 2011

    great to enjoy it after all – though not live !! Now we know what we’re missing > wish you a packed house!

  2. j self
    November 30, 2011

    great show and variety …. would have liked to been there

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