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KEEP A BREAST at Strychnin Gallery! Get involved!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen (yes we want the men too),

Please come and support me an my fellow Keep A Breat warriors in the quest for more casts to support the amazing Tolyo „LOVE“ show taking place in Tokyo, Japan this May.

We have so many amazing artists that have joined us and now we need YOU!

PLACE: STRYCHNIN GALLERY, Boxhagenerstrasse 36, 10245 Berlin
DATE: January 18th @ 19.00 Uhr
NOTE: The casting will bed one in the private back room by Miss Shaney Jo (CEO of KAB) herself!

All you need to bring is yourself, we have MUSIC, DRINKS, FINGER FOOD AND FUN!

The casting per person takes 20 minutes and the results are amazing you can watch me do it online:

And you are in good company with former castees such as: Pink, Katy Perry, Susan Sarandon, Colin Ferrell, etc.

RSVP would be great so we can get the materials! @


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