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Les Animaux Fascinants!

A unique way to spice up your bijou knowledge this 2012 is by visting our February LES ANIMAUX show! Strychnin Gallery is extremely proud to present a wide selection of never before-seen, hand-crafted jewerly. The manufacturing process dwells within the imagination of each the participating artist’s interpretation of the theme: The Animals!


Lisa Black                                                          Tamara Ferioli

Among the artists are established names in the likes of Kristen Ferrell, Julia de Ville, Louis Fleischauer (AMF Korsets), Lisa Black, Eric van Straaten + Jennifer Hoes, Daniel van Nes, Tamara Ferioli, Snash Jewelry, Harem Royal and many more. This is also a fitting opportunity for those very much involved in the fashion world and for those St. Valentine’s Day devotees: perhaps you could walk away with a matchless gift for the loved one!

Julia de Ville                                                 Louis Fleischhauer

The show runs until the 4th of March, so shedule it in!


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