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RAW Rotterdam – David Hochbaum

New-Yorker artist, David Hochbaum, is always one to amaze with his meticulously creative artworks. Even his most monochromatic pieces have an ability to somehow bring out their colors as we approach them to study and admire.

That’s it: admiration and astonishment are the (main) feelings one senses when viewing a Hochbaum piece. His mastery to portray dire and grim themes in a balanced and elegant manner  blinds you from reading the somewhat dark content of his work. His ever developing, yet signature, technic enables us to distinguish the time committed to the production of each piece and it allows us to identify his work immediately. There’s something in his body of work: something dark, hidden, crooked, perhaps broken, yet it’s light and eternessly hopeful. This coexistence is what sets a Hochbaum apart from other art. This is what I feel when I study a Hochbaum. You have until the 4th of March to get yourself over to RAW Art Fair  and understand what I’m trying to explain. This is just a peek of the amazing work being displayed over in Rotterdam.

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