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“In the Belly of a Whale”: a film about the art-scene in Berlin

The guys from editude pictures made an thought-out and insightful documentary video about the art-world and creative force Berlin has to offer: IN THE BELLY OF A WHALE. We are so busy with our lives, we forgot to stop and take in all the uniqueness this city possesses. This video also dwells a little on the developement of Berlin as a city– all the while mainting a focus on art– since these changes naturally affect people’s mind and thus their creative output.
It features twelve artists in Berlin, amongst them, our friend Christian Rothenhagen: his contribution to the berliner art scene and his thoughts about the city’s evolution, especially how it’s gentrification has influenced his art. For those of you that don’t understand german, the images are visually strong and captivating enough to learn something “just by watching”.

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