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Daniel van Nes: Limited Edition Wood Engravings!

Friends and Followers,

Some of you could be the lucky and happy owner of a limited editon Daniel van Nes wood engraving. Daniel van Nes has taken the definition of “limited edition” literally. He wants these prints to be one of a kind. That means that whoever purchases one, will have a work of art that can never again be reproduced! Why? Well, after completing the limited set of 30 signed and numbered (with authenticity certificate!) prints, he will destroy the woodblock in which the engraving was done!

For those extreme and devoted collectors, there’s a treat for you: one of you can purchase the destroyed woodblock with the engraving, but for this, you’ll have to be quite quick, since the possesion of the destroyed woodblock symbolizes the value of this de facto limited edition set.

The engravings are hand-printed on Chinese rice paper and you can either buy it framed or not. For further details and images, check out Daniel’s work here.

And if it couldn’t get any better, Daniel will donate part of the proceeds he makes to the charity organization, ‘Ein Herz fuer Kinder’. They are nice pieces, with a lot of dedication and passion for art, enjoy!


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