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Tokyo Love Show, Very Soon!

Dearest Artists, Castee’s and global KAB team,

Strychnin Gallery wants to give a big shout out to the Keep A Breast Team over in Tokyo. According to Yasha, and as you can see in the images below, the moon was moving across the sun over Tokyo at 7:31 am. This is the extremely rare, probably the rarest one in history! The next time it’ll occur is in 2030 !
“It’s a great omen for the show; the gods love us !!”, Yasha. We are hoping aswell that success will be present during the opening night.

Make sure to stay posted to the KAB website, Facebook and on this blog for photo’s from the opening night.

Also, the limited edition Art book the accompanies the exhibition is now available online here is the link.
We printed the book with 5 special artist cover’s to encompass the global talent in this show.
Thank you Hiraru Shimoda, Sage Vaughn, Kozyndan, Niky Roehreke, and Mike Dreeland.

You can view all the breast casts here. For those who are interested in purchasing a cast!

Please make sure to follow Keep A Breast Japan and share with your
friends and communities.


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