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The Art of Joe Fenton

We recently came across Joe’s work on one of the many art website’s hyping his incredible style. People have been comparing him to a modern day Hieronymus Bosch with his impeccable detail and surreal imagery.

Joe’s career actually started in sculpture, and then made a move into the film industry working as a concept designer for the likes of Disney and Miramax. He then made the transition into Children’s book illustration in which he as won numerous awards for.

Currently Joe is spending most of his time working on large-scale graphite and ink pieces for various art shows worldwide.

We are super excited to announce that Joe is creating 2 large pieces for our first show of 2013. Below are some work-in-progress shots of one of the pieces titled ‘The Heard’ which is inspired by the 1950’s cult movie ‘The Invaders from Mars.

We’ll be posting more info and work-in-progress pics for this upcoming show as we get closer to the date, so keep checking back.

Until then, take a look at all of Joe’s incredible pieces at his website.

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